Free Posture Assessment

Free Posture Assessment

Good posture is essential for a healthy spine, therefore claim your free posture assessment and see how far you deviate from the ideal.  The ideal posture, can be demonstrated by a plumb line falling through the profile of the body.  In profile the mid position of the ear should align with the back of the shoulder, the mid line of the hip, the mid line of the knee and the lateral malleolus of the ankle.  looking from the front the ears, shoulders and pelvic crests should be level.

Forward Head Carriage

The posture typically deviates from the head down.  Many people adopt a forward head carriage, where the ears fall forward of the shoulders and consequently this increases the downward force created by weight of the head on the neck.  The supporting muscles can become strained and in turn lead to muscle and joint pain.  For every inch that the ears deviate forward of the shoulders, the downward force of the head is doubled.  Your free posture assessment will help you identify these changes and your chiropractor at Basingstoke Chiropractic can help you improve your posture and spinal health.

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Posture can be improved by restoring the proper tension in the muscles and functional alignment of the joints.  This can be helped through chiropractic treatments, which in turn helps reduce pain and stiffness. For a chiropractor in Basingstoke look no further as our clinic is known for it’s quality and affordable levels of care.  Your free posture assessment will also include a full case history of the condition that is of concern to you.  A series of orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic tests. A thorough explanation of findings and the probable causes of the condition.  Your chiropractor will then advise you how chiropractic can help to treat the condition.  Call today to book your free postural assessment.

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