Pinched nerves are referred to frequently as a source of pain and muscle weakness.  They commonly occur in the neck and lower back, however they can arise at any level of the spine.

The nerve can get pinched when the disc in the spine either bulges or prolapses, a condition often referred to as a slipped disc.  When this happens pressure put upon the nerve can cause pain at the point of pressure.  This can result in very acute pain in the neck and lower back, and at other sites.  Pain can also present along the length of the nerve that is pinched, and therefore track into the arms or the legs.  Leg pain as a result of this process is known as sciatica.

Pinched nerves can also cause muscle weakness and muscle wasting.  They can also lead to sensory changes such as numbness and tingling, commonly in the arms, legs, hands and feet.

Chiropractic can be very effective at treating the pains, weakness and numbness caused by nerves being pinched, by restoring proper function to the muscles, joints and nerves.