spine pain basingstokeA large number of our patients present with debilitating headaches.  In many cases this is caused by postural stress to the neck and shoulders particularly while sitting at a computer for long periods or as a result of whiplash injury due to a motor vehicle accident or sporting accident .

Postural stress and injury to the neck, leads to a change in the shape of the neck curve that supports the weight of the head.  The head is heavy, weighing approximately fourteen pounds.  Working at a computer over time causes people to develop a forward head carrage and rounded shoulders.  This makes it more difficult to support the head on the shoulders and over time the muscles tighten and the spine misalignes.

Multiple triggers points (tight bands of muscle and connective tissue with hyper-sensitised pain receptors) develop in the muscles of the shoulder girdle, rotator cuff and the neck.  These trigger points cause pain, weakness and stiffness and refer pain to the base of the scull , the temples and behind the eye.

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