Callum Sibbald 

BSc(Chiro), BSc(Chem) 

Callum Sibbald

Now a Basingstoke chiropractor registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC),  I started my career in the pharmaceutical industry after studying chemistry at the University of York .  Here I developed an understanding of the devastating effect pain can have on peoples health. However it was not until I sustained a back injury myself that I learned first hand just how debilitating pain could be.   After months of medication and repeat episodes of acute pain, I was advised to see a chiropractor.

At that time I didn’t really know what chiropractic was, but I was desperate to get out of pain and so I presented myself at the local chiropractors office. The encounter was friendly and informative, and above all reassuring, as we were able to determine the root cause of the pain and develop a treatment plan, to help my body heal.

Before this episode I had been an advocate of using analgesic and anti inflammatory medication , but this experience made me realize that healing primarily comes from within and not without.  I realized that by improving the condition of my body I could remove my pain. Chiropractic helped me to achieve that, and more.  That introduction persuaded me that this was the career that I wanted to pursue.

Education & Experience

I studied at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic in Glamorgan, graduating in 2001.  Since then I held associate positions in three different clinics, so I could gain as much insight into chiropractic, before setting up my own practice. In 2004 I set up a clinic at British Airways HQ at Waterside near Heathrow and in 2006 I set up the Fulham Wellness Chiropractic Clinic in South West London.

I truly love my job and the relief that chiropractic brings to peoples lives, and I am excited about introducing chiropractic to the Basingstoke Aquadrome and working with the dedicated team at the Aquadrome to bring health and fitness to the community.